Metis is one of the trusted names involved in manufacturing variety of standard and special-grade self drilling rock bolts

Metis is one of the trusted names involved in manufacturing variety of standard and special-grade self drilling rock bolts.Metis manufactures a broad range of extremely reliable, precise and accurate self drilling rock bolts of different sizes from high quality graded raw material. At the same time we can facilitate customers by our ready stock, for anchor nuts, drill bit,etc.

To ensure the construction quality of self drilling anchor bolt, it demands adopting specialized bolt machine to construct. Rock drill is usually used in the side wall if it is necessary. All the self drilling anchor bolt should be installed with plate, and the location of bolt should be identified by red paint. After using self drilling rock bolt, the support effect of side slope has been improved, the loss and accident has been decreased.

Metis employs a number of techniques when solving our clients’ ground engineering challenges. Many of these were developed by the company itself and are now widely adopted in the international construction industry.
We continually invest in our large fleet of plant and equipment, working closely with manufacturers to develop and hone our self drilling anchor systems to ensure we are at the forefront of ground engineering technology.
And as well as working with engineers to deliver their design solutions, we also offer a full design and construct service to our clients for all of these techniques.

Self-drilling installation, utilization of the anchor bar as drill rod with a single-use drill bit

Metis opened its doors 2014.Business concentrated on the anchoring support industry in the Luoyang area. In addition to manufacturing self drilling anchor, stainless anchor bolt and anti-corrosion anchor system.

Here are something useful about self drilling anchor bar:

1.Hollow bar anchor with continuous cold-rolled outside-thread
2.Application as injection anchor without casing, especially for non-stable boreholes
3.Self-drilling installation, utilization of the anchor bar as drill rod with a single-use drill bit
4.Easy extension of the anchor bars by couplings
5.Grouting or development of the grout body either simultaneously with drilling using a rotary injection adapter or afterwards
6.Assembly of the anchor head with the anchor plate and the nut; stressing and locking of the anchor bar with a torque wrench or hydraulic jack after the grout has cured

Today Metis is run by a team possessing over 2 years of experience.If you have any question,please feel free to contact us!

Hollow anchor bolt system can ensure grouting anchor rod and the wall of hole full

The characteristics of self drilling hollow anchor bolt:
1.The self drilling hollow anchor bolt of the alloy bit has strong penetrating power, under the action of rock drill, can easily penetrate all types of rock mass, and using the exhaust of the anchor head up thoroughly solve the problem above the horizon of the grouting exhaust.
2.Anchor rod body with a continuous waveform thread, can cooperate to finish drilling bit.In the drilling, taking advantage of the rod body extension by using connection, can be used in narrow space construction.
3.The hollow bolt body design makes it have the function of the grouting pipe, when the bolt body complete drilling without having to pull out, avoiding the traditional technology of grouting anchor when pull of slurry erosion problem.
4.Highly efficient stop-grouting plug can realize pressure grouting,effectively filling the body breaking rock mass strikes and consolidation, making the grouting full, improving the project quality.In addition, the high strength plate and nut can transfer the deep surrounding rock stress evenly to the hole wall, and achieve the goal of mutual support of rock mass.
5.Due to the effect of the auxiliary parts in neutral rod body good, anchor rod body can be completely package by mortar, to avoid the possibility of corrosion, achieve the goal of the long-term support.
Hollow anchor bolt system can ensure grouting anchor rod and the wall of hole full, giving full play to the bolt anchoring effect.Can provide immediately supporting force (or prestressed plate force) after the rock mass excavation ,effectively protect the inherent strength of rock mass, to prevent loosening and deformation of surrounding rock, and to enhance the stability of geotechnical engineering.The rod body have enough size package, which greatly improves the ability of resistance to corrosion, shows good durability. bolt-is-an-advanced-anchoring-system/

Metis owns professional processing equipment and more than ten independent production lines

Nowadays, self drilling hollow anchor bolt is one of the most efficient methods for supporting dam and other infrastructure constructions. As for advanced support, later-stage maintenance and reinforcement, self drilling hollow anchor bolt has function that other methods is out of reach:drilling, grouting and anchoring can be done simultaneously; after drilling, anchor bar needn’t to be pulled out, which will preventcollapse.

The Metis self drilling hollow anchor is a mechanical ground anchor with extensive application possibilities for ground and soil anchoring in the civil engineering, construction, utility and maritime industry.

The Metis hollow anchor bolt offers advantage over other systems that anchor force is achieved “without soil disturbance” due to the ingenious mechanism of installation and tilting.

Metis owns professional processing equipment and more than ten independent production lines, which has good quality and high efficiency.
Metis quality control process covers selection of raw materials, incoming inspection, process quality control, finished products inspection.

Metis – a self drilling anchor bar distribution company with locations throughout the China

Metis - a self drilling anchor bar distribution company with locations throughout the China and recognized around the world, World Wide Exporters have been delivering quality self drilling anchor products from China and the world to our international customers 4 years. Metis is a well equipped company both technically & commercially to under our services to it’s valued customers. We are a renowned name in this domain engaged in providing various types of SGS&CE Products. Owing to our excellent product quality and transparent dealings, we have gained immense clients’ appreciation.
To achieve maximum customer satisfaction and set highest standards in manufacturing, product development and all other domains of our business.
To be an industry leader in all our operations. Metis is firmly established as one of the leading anchor bolt manufacturer.
Metis owned the advanced production equipments and strict quality management system which ensure us to provide customers low cost, high quality products and efficient service. Under the great efforts of our team, we have already provided self drilling anchor bolts to many highway projects, water conservancy projects, railway projects. Our self drilling anchor bolts has been exported to many countries. We have established long term business relationship with our customers both at home and abroad.Our products are good in quality and low in price .For anchor bolt, we can offer you: self-drilling anchor tools (anchor rods, coupling, plate, nut, anchor bits); hollow anchor drilling tools; swellex anchors. If you are interested in our self drilling anchor bolt or other products related to anchor bolt.Please contact us.

Self drilling anchors have been used successfully in the tunnelling and civil engineering industries

Self drilling anchor using pumpable cement grout, to anchor the bolts, have been used successfully in the tunnelling and civil engineering industries for many years. Pumpable cement grout offers the considerable advantage that the self drilling anchor bar can be fully encapsulated including filling of cracks and joints in the borehole. However, cement grout cannot provide the immediate support required for the coal industry. This paper described a new self drilling anchor system which uses pumpable resin to anchor the self drilling anchor in a borehole to not only provide all the advantages of a pumpable anchoring system, but also to provide immediate roof and rib support as required in the coal industry. This paper further outlines the latest developments in self drilling anchor technology including: extendable self drilling rock bolts which can almost double in length during the installation process and are particularly suited to low seam heights, rib support, and pre-tensioned self drilling anchor where a pre-tensioned load can also be applied during the installation process. These new self drilling anchor systems offer considerable advantages in both rock support and improvements in mining productivity.

Metis self drilling anchor system composes a total of six components including the anchor body.They are drill bit, coupler, grout stopper, arch plate, and nut. Grout injection adapters and steel shank can be included in the order upon request. These accessories are essential to the anchor system’s overall functionality.

If you have any questions, concerns, or just have suggestions on how to make our products better, please email me at I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on how we can succeed together.

Metis continue to insist consumers market-oriented

Metis - we have established a world class anchor bolt manufacturer that is equipped with advanced and modern technology that helps us in attaining the trust of our clients by fulfilling their varied needs.And depend on these advanced technology,Metis can manufacturing high quality self drilling anchor bolt.
With the reliable brand, you are assured of product performance, strong marketing, and support programs that only Metis can provide. So as advantage of being seller of material of self drilling rock bolts, we have confidence to give you a better offer with competitive price and reliable quality. Put our heart into work to keep you be satisfactory forever.Metis recognized the industry leader, will be your first choice brand. Metis continue to insist consumers market-oriented, technological innovation be the core and best attitude to serve each clients.
The rock bolt systems of Metis are a totally innovative and effective method for constructions.We work to provide you with as broad a range of innovative products as possible and we strive continuously to expand our current range and to develop products with a strong focus on durability and the environment.

Metis carry a wide-range of products within our in-house facility

Metis manufactures a multitude of quality products, including anchor bolts, custom fasteners and threaded products. We carry a wide-range of products within our in-house facility and can create custom orders for the demand of our customers.

The mission of Metis is to provide all of our customers with quality products and superior service in both distribution and manufactured self drilling anchor bolt products. We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs on standard items and to sourcing hard-to-find items. Through comprehensive inventories and distribution, and state-of-the-art specialty manufacturing capabilities, Metis is widely recognized as an industry leader.

The Metis’s self drilling anchor system, including hollow steel anchor bar, steel drill bit or carbide drill bits, coupling, nut, plate and stopper etc., is a bolting solution for unstable ground conditions.

Thank you for visiting Metis. On our website you can find products and technical assistance, request samples or volume quotes, and order items from our comprehensive stock. If you prefer personal assistance please contact us. Our attention to quality, service and timely deliveries make us the best choice for your fastener needs.

Metis anchor bolts are commonly used throughout the civil engineering and tunneling industries

The Metis self drilling anchor system offers a technically advanced and extremely cost effective alternative to other anchoring systems
and is backed by many years of engineering experience.We are very much conscious about the quality of our offered self drilling anchor
system. Our constant activities have infused a spectral pace in the domain of sustainer of quality standards. Our belief that quality and
client satisfaction are directly proportional to each other has enabled us to strongly enforce stringent quality control measures in our
manufacturing procedures.

In the world of engineering the construction and invention of new tools and technologies drives the growth of the industry. Construction projects often demand new and unique systems to overcome obstacles ranging from building the world’s tallest buildings to creating a supportable underground structure that carries people miles across the city. Over the past century engineers across the globe have
succeeded in creating magnificent feats of human ingenuity by developing technologies that defy what previously thought possible. One of
the major ways that they have done this is by finding ways to overcome infirmities in soil structure and content to make building structures possible on virtually any scale.

Metis anchor bolts are commonly used throughout the civil engineering and tunneling industries. They are used to improve the stability and load bearing characteristics of a rock mass. In the tunneling industry, Metis anchor bolts are used for horizontal fore-poling, slope stabilisation at the tunnel portal and for anchoring large section tunnels with high side walls.

Metis is an Self drilling anchor supplier which has particular expertise and long experience

Self drilling anchor is the rock and soil reinforcement rods structure. By longitudinal tension of rod bolt action to overcome the shortcomings of rock and soil compression tensile strength which is far below capacity. Ostensibly limits of rock and soil from the original body. Macro point of view is to increase the cohesiveness of rock and soil. From the mechanical point of view ,it is mainly to improve the cohesion C and internal friction angle φ of the rock mass. Which is essentially the body and geotechnical rock bolt located formation of a new complex. The anchor of this complex is the key to the low tensile strength of the rock mass resolved. Making their own rock and soil bearing capacity greatly enhanced. Bolt is among the most basic part of the mine roadway contemporary underground mining, roadway surrounding rock it bound together, so their support surrounding rock itself. Now not only anchors used in mining, but also for engineering and technology in slope, tunnels, dams and other proactive reinforcement.
Metis is an Self drilling anchor supplier which has particular expertise and long experience. Metis has the ability of fabricating custom-made components including Self drilling anchors, drill bits, according to the specification and drawing presented by the clients. Our precisely designed range of components with economical prices as well as on-time product supply ensure the success and good growth of the company in a short and long term. In addition to enabling us to become highly competitive and preferred in the market. At present, we are successfully and satisfactorily catering to Self drilling anchors’ requirements of many buyers based in African and European Countries, Middle East. Our clients comprise various leading corporate and industrial companies.
Metis’s Self drilling anchor system has great advantages. The anchor bolt combines drilling, grouting into single process. Thus, the work efficiency has been improved greatly. The Self drilling anchor manufactured by Metis has great quality and reasonable price. The products are exported to more than 20 countries and used in many kind of applications, like tunneling, mining, hydroelectric station and civil construction. Different kind of drill bits can be provided to meet the demands of different rock conditions. With good quality and excellent service, Metis has won great reputation from all over the world.